Friday, March 6, 2009

Breaking News: John Henry's Wedding

Not really completely sports related, but I love when the Inside Track is wrong. They reported about a month ago that John Henry will be getting married to Linda Pizzuti on June 29th, 2009, I am sorry to report but that is actually incorrect. I have it from a reliable source who is actually invited to the wedding, that they will get marriend on June 27th, at Fenway Park with a tent being pitched in the outfield. Read more!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cassell Trade Digested

So it has been almost a week since Vrabel and Cassell left for Kansas City. Now that it has set in, I am able to talk about with only marginal anger. Now, this anger is not about the trade or the compensation, its more towards all the people that think that the Patriots could have gotten a first, second and third next year just for Cassell. It is also towards the mouth breathers down at the bar who tried to tell me that the Patriots could have "easily" gotten a late first round pick for Mike Vrabel alone.

To anyone who thinks that, please stop watching sports, and never read this site again.

All in all, it was a great trade for everyone involved, and here's why:

Kansas City- KC gets a potential franchise quarterback with little to no mileage on him. Cassell also has 16 good to great games under his belt in the NFL which puts him lightyears (5.9 trillion miles) ahead of any quarterback coming out in the draft. They also get a bonafide captain for their young defense. This year they will have either rookies or second year players starting or playing prominent roles on their defensive line, linebacking corps, and secondary. They need someone to bouy those young guys. He will also bring a work ethic and maturity to that lockerroom.

Patriots- The Patriots got the third pick in the second round for a guy who was just going to be let go into free agency only 7 months ago. They also were able to move a guy whom the team had tremendous respect and indeed love for in Mike Vrabel. This is good for several reasons; the first one is fairly obvious in that they needed to free up some cap space pretty bad. He had a cap hit of around 4.5 million and was due a 1 million dollar roster bonus. Lots o' money there. Second he is 34 years old and in the last year of his deal. There was little chance he was going to re-sign with the Patriots anyway. There is talk that he was just going to be cut before the roster bonus was due. How anyone can claim to know what Bill and co. is thinking is beyond me. But, it makes sense. They did it to Lawyer Malloy, after all. So, instead of cutting a guy they owe a portion of their superbowls to they were able to trade him to a team where he will start, and will be valued. Its about respect. Finally, at some point the young guys need to play to get better. I would rather see Vrabel in Kansas City than have him ride the bench and watch Shawn Crable start.

Matt Cassell- He gets to go be a starter, which he deserves to be after last season. Moverover, its not Detroit, so he can't complain.

Mike Vrabel- He went from most likely being cut or at the very least see his role diminish, to being the most important defensive player on an up and coming team.

All in all, it worked for everyone involved. Personally, I love watching young players develop into stars. I am excited about all the first day picks. I am excited about Shawn Crable getting his shot to play. I am excited to see Tully Banta-Cain in a Pats uniform again. Anyone remember when he left his superbowl ring on a urinal in a mall in Providence?

Now, only if they would bring back Oscar Lua.....

-Ben Read more!


This week has just flown by for me, I have had more work than I can handle and each night has been filled with either working on a new web design for us, or working on my house. Luckily I think we are getting closer to a new web design, and I really hope that we will be making the transition soon. I digress however here are some of my thoughts from the week.

- Manny finally signed with the Dodgers. Good luck to them, they overpayed since they were really just bidding against themselves and maybe the Giants who we all know were not going to pay nearly as much since they already overpaid for Edgar Renteria, and Barry Zito. He might be great out there but he really belonged int he American League, with a team that needed a DH, he is not an everyday fielder anymore if every really was.

- TO got released by the Cowboys, I will admit that the thought ran through my head of a Moss, Welker, and TO combination with Brady back behind center. Do not worry though I quickly came to my senses. While it would be great on the field, Owens would ruinit in the locker room, he maybe the one personality that vaunted Patriots leadership would just not be able to squash although it would be fun to watch them shred teams on the field.

- The Bruins made a couple of moves yesterday, from what I have read they were mainly moves to add depth. Best part I had actually heard of one of the players. Mark Recchi was good once right?

- My wife won the right to buy Right Field table seats at Fenway, and we convinced her parents to go in on a table with us so I am really looking forward to it, I jsut hope my entire Saturday isn't spent in the Virtual waiting room.

That is what I have for now. Read more!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dirty Water TV...WTF?

Saturday night, a little after midnight I found myself flipping somewhat aimlessly around the channels. I was not looking for anything per se, I just wanted something somewhat enjoyable which I could watch for a half hour or so before going to bed.

With my DirecTV, I purchased the regional sports package which I thought would be a way to circumvent having to buy the MLB package and also give me the ability to watch Celtics games as both CSNNE and NESN come with it. Well, that plan failed as those channels come in 100% of the time except of course when regular season MLB, NBA, or NHL games are on. They want you to buy the all-inclusive Extra Innings or League Pass or whatever instead of just paying an extra $10 month.

Anyway, back to Saturday night a little after midnight and me flipping the channels.

In my travels, I headed over to NESN to see if maybe I could catch a little bit of a late Sports Desk or something like that. No luck. What was on however was something called "Dirty Water TV". I had no idea what to expect but decided to give it a try for this exact reason.

What I found was nothing less than a relevation. Granted I only watched for about five minutes, but I saw enough to see some of the most awesomely ridiculous Boston programming I have ever seen. The segment I saw consisted of a girl probably in her early twenties and definitely from Peabody or Revere interviewing people in bars. The girl's questions were not what got my attention however, it was the girl.

A description:

First off she had a ridiculously thick accent. I thought most TV shows wanted their on-air "talent" to at least be somewhat regional dialect neutral. No problem for Dirty Water TV. But man oh man, the accent was only the beginning. This girl, had a ludicrous fake tan, bleached blonde hair with visible brown roots, and carried herself in the interview like a college co-ed trying to get the BMOC to take her home for a romp in the sack. Oh, and I think she was chewing gum at the time too. In all honesty it looked more like a SNL skit than an actual "real" TV program. Maybe it was the Bud Lites in me that added to my amusement but I really don't think so.

So, would I suggest Dirty Water TV? Why not. It's certainly not good, but it is just bad enough to be entertaining albeit in probably short doses. Read more!