Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cassell Trade Digested

So it has been almost a week since Vrabel and Cassell left for Kansas City. Now that it has set in, I am able to talk about with only marginal anger. Now, this anger is not about the trade or the compensation, its more towards all the people that think that the Patriots could have gotten a first, second and third next year just for Cassell. It is also towards the mouth breathers down at the bar who tried to tell me that the Patriots could have "easily" gotten a late first round pick for Mike Vrabel alone.

To anyone who thinks that, please stop watching sports, and never read this site again.

All in all, it was a great trade for everyone involved, and here's why:

Kansas City- KC gets a potential franchise quarterback with little to no mileage on him. Cassell also has 16 good to great games under his belt in the NFL which puts him lightyears (5.9 trillion miles) ahead of any quarterback coming out in the draft. They also get a bonafide captain for their young defense. This year they will have either rookies or second year players starting or playing prominent roles on their defensive line, linebacking corps, and secondary. They need someone to bouy those young guys. He will also bring a work ethic and maturity to that lockerroom.

Patriots- The Patriots got the third pick in the second round for a guy who was just going to be let go into free agency only 7 months ago. They also were able to move a guy whom the team had tremendous respect and indeed love for in Mike Vrabel. This is good for several reasons; the first one is fairly obvious in that they needed to free up some cap space pretty bad. He had a cap hit of around 4.5 million and was due a 1 million dollar roster bonus. Lots o' money there. Second he is 34 years old and in the last year of his deal. There was little chance he was going to re-sign with the Patriots anyway. There is talk that he was just going to be cut before the roster bonus was due. How anyone can claim to know what Bill and co. is thinking is beyond me. But, it makes sense. They did it to Lawyer Malloy, after all. So, instead of cutting a guy they owe a portion of their superbowls to they were able to trade him to a team where he will start, and will be valued. Its about respect. Finally, at some point the young guys need to play to get better. I would rather see Vrabel in Kansas City than have him ride the bench and watch Shawn Crable start.

Matt Cassell- He gets to go be a starter, which he deserves to be after last season. Moverover, its not Detroit, so he can't complain.

Mike Vrabel- He went from most likely being cut or at the very least see his role diminish, to being the most important defensive player on an up and coming team.

All in all, it worked for everyone involved. Personally, I love watching young players develop into stars. I am excited about all the first day picks. I am excited about Shawn Crable getting his shot to play. I am excited to see Tully Banta-Cain in a Pats uniform again. Anyone remember when he left his superbowl ring on a urinal in a mall in Providence?

Now, only if they would bring back Oscar Lua.....


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