Thursday, March 5, 2009


This week has just flown by for me, I have had more work than I can handle and each night has been filled with either working on a new web design for us, or working on my house. Luckily I think we are getting closer to a new web design, and I really hope that we will be making the transition soon. I digress however here are some of my thoughts from the week.

- Manny finally signed with the Dodgers. Good luck to them, they overpayed since they were really just bidding against themselves and maybe the Giants who we all know were not going to pay nearly as much since they already overpaid for Edgar Renteria, and Barry Zito. He might be great out there but he really belonged int he American League, with a team that needed a DH, he is not an everyday fielder anymore if every really was.

- TO got released by the Cowboys, I will admit that the thought ran through my head of a Moss, Welker, and TO combination with Brady back behind center. Do not worry though I quickly came to my senses. While it would be great on the field, Owens would ruinit in the locker room, he maybe the one personality that vaunted Patriots leadership would just not be able to squash although it would be fun to watch them shred teams on the field.

- The Bruins made a couple of moves yesterday, from what I have read they were mainly moves to add depth. Best part I had actually heard of one of the players. Mark Recchi was good once right?

- My wife won the right to buy Right Field table seats at Fenway, and we convinced her parents to go in on a table with us so I am really looking forward to it, I jsut hope my entire Saturday isn't spent in the Virtual waiting room.

That is what I have for now.

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