Friday, September 5, 2008

Notes for the Weekend

The football season has started and we head into our first big weekend of football I am looking forward to it and a couple of other things.

- As you know the Pats play on Sunday, I will be parked on the couch at one oclock to watch the game and to hope that Tom's back to normal and they can rip apart the hapless Chiefs. Watch out for Jabar Gaffney I think he could have a big game this weekend.

- The Sox are in texas to play the Rangers. The big match up for us is tonight when Josh Beckett is back on the Hill. I can say with certainty that we will make the playoffs but how he pitches over the next several weeks is goign to have a lot to say about how far we go in the playoffs.

- High School Football also starts this weekend, my Alma Mater St. John's Prep is facing off for the first time against local rival Masco. I think the Prep will win 28-16. I wish I could go to the game but I am heading down to the cape for one last hopefully summer like weekend before Hanna comes into ruin my fun.

- BC is also playing this weekend against Georgia Tech, while tech is no national powerhouse they should be a good early test for the Eagles, as the game last week agaisnt Kent State was an absolute joke.

- Nationally the US Open is coming to a close this weekend it looks like Nadal and Federer could be on another Collision course with eachother. Speaking of Tennis if you want to see how sexist John Mcenroe's father is read this article will mention Golf only because of my future Father In Laws love of the sport, this is the second to last round of the Fedex cup, next week will mark the end of a very long and boring PGA Season.

So that is all I have for now, hoepfully the other guys will be back soon to post again.

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