Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quick Thoughts

Wow we have all been slacking lately, even though it is late I thought I would give some quick thoughts to anyone who is listening.

- Darts sucks, my new season started tonight and in typical fasion we got rocked hardcore. We arent even that bad but we can never seem to pull it together. I lost three times, it will take me all season to get good then I won't practice for a long time in the off season only to suck again.

- The Sox are begining to come together, Dustin has been on an absolute tear lately. he better be in the MVP hunt.

- Some links for you out there http://questionablecontent.net/ is a great web comic that I read about in Boston.com a couple of days ago it is fairly interesting. Also http://tvshack.net/ which is great to watch tv shows or movies if you are bored.

That is all I have for now I will write more tomorrow when i am at work.

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