Friday, September 5, 2008

Some Predictions

Its kickoff weekend. Life is good. I started to prep my daughter last night during the Redskins game (notice I didn't say the G word.) She watched some of it while laying on my belly. It went okay, but lately she has hated the very sight of me, so it didn't last too long. We are working on it. I have a bunch of little things I want to say about the Pats so, I will just hit some little bullet points for now, and perhaps some of them will turn into full posts as the season rolls on. So...on with the show!

-John Lynch will be back with the Patriots next week. Because he is a veteran is salary becomes guaranteed if he is on the week one roster. Pioli and the boys hate to guarantee money, so it makes sense to give him some time off, and bring him in next week. We shouldn't need him against the Chiefs anyway. He looked good during the preseason, so it would make sense that he would have already signed with another team if he did not get some indication from the team that he would be brought back with haste. Also, let's not forget the cryptic comments from both him and Bill when he was cut.

-File this under the you heard it here first category. Rootbeer & Bacon called it months ago when we said that Ty Law would be a Patriot again this season. Now I know he has not signed with the team yet, but I think that he falls into the same category as John Lynch. That is, a veteran that the Patriots do not want to guarantee money to, but would like to have on their team nonetheless. I am calling it now, Law will sign with the team next week, and be on the field in week 2, and possibly starting in week 3. Think about how much sense this makes. Belichick likes to have veterans around to coach the new guys. The team cut Bryant, the only real veteran CB on the team. Now, he was soft, and could not tackle, but he is still a veteran. Law makes perfect sense on a year to year basis. He went looking for one last payday, got it, but wallowed in a quagmire of mediocrity in both New York, and Kansas City. He is another player, that has not worked out for any teams this preseason, has not announced his retirement, and has stated that he would like to come back, and that he and Belichick are close and talking regularly. With that shiny new Patriots Hall of Fame about to open, you have to think that Law is thinking about finishing wit the Pats, and having his number put up in there. Because after all, once you get paid, all thats left is posterity.

-I am sick of people complaining about Brady not working out with the team and giving up the parking spot. Are you serious? Do you really think that after nine seasons, he doesn't know how to get ready for a season? Also, he has a kid. I can tell you from experience that it takes some time up. Just a little...Can you blame him for wanting to spend more time with his new family in LA? No you can't. Shut up, sit down and enjoy what should amount to a monster season from Tom and Moss.

-I love Jerod Mayo, and I am not sure why. He is around the ball a lot, but has yet to really catch my eye, and he has not played in a regular season game yet. I don't know, I just have a good feeling.

-I am predicting a 14-2 season for the Patriots. With the losses coming from San Diego and the New York Jets.

Thats it, see you after the game for my regular "What I learned from the game" post.


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