Tuesday, October 21, 2008


What happened last night? I honestly have no idea, I had the game on in the background really I had other things to do so it was not a top priority and I watched as the Patriots went up 13-0. There was no way it could last though, Right? I mean this team was 3-2, with wins against league scmuchs the Chiefs, against a decent Jets team, and a struggling 49ers team that recently let there coach go. Last week they went to San Diego and got absolutely destroyed, I was figuring on much of the same from them this week to be honest with you, how could you not, up until this point Denver had been a very good team, with a great passing game that you would think would destroy the Patriots weak secondary.

But something changed last night, whether they were more prepared, or the defense realized it was time to step it up they could not leave it on a young Matt Cassel's shoulders anymore they kicked it into another gear last night and left the team in good shape for the rest of the season if they can continue to play so well.

The Patriots have 10 games remaining, 5 at home, 5 on the road. Of those ten games they should win at least 5 of them. They will beat the Jets if for no other reason than the Coach hates Mangenious, they will beat the Rams because they are awful, the will beat the Dolphins in order to get revenge and because it is the day after my wedding, they will beat the Seahawks cause they are awful and Holmgren would lose his job if he hadn't already announced they were retiring, and they will beat the Raiders who I have watched because I have Darren McFadden in one of my Fantasy leagues and I am not even remotely impressed by them.

That leaves 5 games, all they need to do is win 2 to make it to 11-5 and all but guarantee a playoff spot. I think they can do it. Indianapolis, this is always a tough game, but it depends which colts team is going to show up, Is it the team that smoked the Vaunted Baltimore Defense 31-3 or is it the helpless looking Peyton Manning who lost by twenty to the Packers. I am hoping it is the Packers Manning. They play Buffalo twice, I think they can take 1 of those games most likely at home, it will be tough they look good this year but they really haven't had to many tests except for an up and down Chargers and a disappointing Jacksonville team. They play the Steelers at home this will be a tough one and I do not think they can win. Finally they play Arizona, knowing there past they will be falling apart at this point and we can take that game.

So we win 2 or 3 of those last games and we are in the playoffs where we know good things can happen, are they going to win the Superbowl, probably not but they can at least make it interesting.

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