Saturday, October 25, 2008

Throwing a Trade Proposal Out There

Here's a wild trade proposal for you. Keep in mind it takes into account a Mark Texiera signing - probably a long shot - but still, humor me.

For what it's worth, this would never happen.

Sox trade Mike Lowell, Jason Bay, Jed Lowrie, Coco Crsip, and Michael Bowden to Philly for Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino.

Why Should Philly Do This?

Philly needs a corner outfielder with Pat Burrell a free agent. Assuming they don't sign him, that leaves a big hole in left field. Enter Jason Bay. Philly had interest in Mike Lowell last year and they signed Pedro Feliz as a stop-gap measure for this season. Lowell can slide in nicely to the 3B slot and should benefit from a switch to a hitter friendly, NL park. Michael Bowden is in there because the Phillies need to get younger and better in their rotation. Did you notices that their Game 3 World Series starter is Jamie Moyer? As for Lowrie, the Phillies would need somebody to man SS with Rollins gone, and he too would probably benefit from an AL/NL switch. Where does Coco fit in? Philly needs to round out their outfield. So enter Crisp.

It's a lot of talent Philly is giving up here, but at the same time they are helping their rotation for maybe the present and definitely the future, bringing some pop back to their OF at a reasonable cost, slightly upgrading at the 3B position, and taking a chance on a highly touted prospect at SS. You know they don't want to get rid of Rollins, but maybe this is a chance they would take. Then again, probably not.

With this move, Philly's starting nine looks like this next year:

C Carlos Ruiz
1B Ryan Howard
2B Chase Utley
SS Jed Lowrie
3B Mike Lowell
LF Jason Bay
CF Coco Crisp
RF Jayson Werth

and don't forget the rotation boost

Why Should the Sox Do This?

Seems crazy to trade 5 major league players for 2. But consider this:

Lowell in this trade would be a salary dump.

Jason Bay hurts obviously, but you aren't getting players as good as Rollins or Victorino without giving up somebody good.

Lowrie is an exciting prospect but if you have the chance to upgrade your SS position by going from Lowrie to Jimmy Rollins, you HAVE to do that.

Michael Bowden is an intriguing prospect and probably not somebody you "want" to trade, but again, you gotta give to get.

Coco's value is at an all time high so may as well get while the getting is good.

So now, taking into account the Texiera signing which as noted above is far from a certainty, the Sox opening day lineup card could maybe look like this:

Jimmy Rollins SS
Shane Victorino CF
Dustin Pedroia 2B
David Ortiz DH
Mark Texiera 1B
Kevin Youkilis 3B
JD Drew RF
???? C
Jacoby Ellsbury CF

You like? I do. No knock on Ellsbury holding down the 9 hole. You might remember Billy Mueller winning a batting title while hitting 9th back in 2003.

So there you go. There is my blockbuster proposal. It aint happening but it is fun to scheme these things up right?

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