Monday, October 20, 2008

So Another Season is Over

I can't say that I was not surprised last night, you could tell that the Red Sox just did not have it to complete yet another miracle comeback. The Rays were just to good, and that is why they won. Some thoughts that I have.

- I hope Big Papi's problem was just the wrist, sure he hit a three run homerun in game five but he was a shell of his former self this post season. When every pitcher knows that you can only get around on pitches on a certain part of the plate you are cooked.

- Jason Varitek could have had his last at bat in a Red Sox uniform. It is time for us to get younger behind the plate, and trade for one of the 4 young good catchers that the Rangers have right now. I would like Teagarden, but I would take Salty. If Tek wants to take 5 million per to be a teacher and eventually the back up that would be great. At this point though you cannot have that big of a hole in your lineup.

So we head into the off season, CC is a free Agent, the Padres want to talk to us about Jake Peavy. Our Free Agents:

- Jason Varitek
- Mark Kotsay
- Paul Byrd
- Curt Schilling
- Tim Wakefield
- Mike Timlin
- Javier Lopez
- Sean Casey
- Kevin Cash
- Bartolo COlon

Everyone else is still an indentured servant for at least some more time. I can see them locking up Paps, Pedroia, and Youk soon. From this list is there anyone you would be devestated to lose? I would be sad to see Tek, Wakefield, and Casey go but other than that I think we will be fine, we are getting younger and the time has come to see what some of our youngsters can do. Bard, Bowden, and others are ready to take there spots on the roster. As always....

There is always next year.

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