Sunday, November 30, 2008

Live From Florida

So I am in Florida right now, actually to be more precise I am at Disney World on my honeymoon with my wife Sherri typing this on my Iphone while we ride back to our hotel on a bus. The reason I am writing from this bizarre location is I just realized while talking with a fellow Boston fan that I am emotionally detached from this Patriots season. We all know when it happened, less than a quarter into our season when Tom Brady disappeared down the stairs at the Razor. I was in Bens living room willing him to come back but it wasn't going to happen. I have fooled myself since then, watching all the games, following the team on but in my mind the season was over the Jets were better than we thought they were, the defense suddenly looked as old as they were and Randy moss didn't look like he care anymore. It took until November 30 tv though for me to come to terms with it, and I had to be 2000 miles away. I don't care. I will still watch but I will not care nearly as much. I can't it hurts to much. Plus there is way to much other stuff going on the Celtics are on a role, the Bruins don't suck like normal, the hot stove is heating up, and Obama is starting to get his cabinet together. Let me know when number 12 laces them up again and I will give my heart to the Patriots, until then I am just another passive observer.

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