Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More News from St. Regis

Did you know that the St. Regis is not only home the GM meetings but also hosted the 400k retreat held by AIG AFTER they got bailed out by the national government. Just thought you would want to know anyway, here is what I have read.

- It would appear that the Angels have put Texiera and Sabathia at the top of there wish list ahead of Krod. This seems to be pretty smart, Krod is wicked over rated, just becuase he broke the saves record it does not mean he is the best closer in baseball. I would give that honor to either Joe Nathan or Papelbon. Texiera is a good fit for them and he hit like crazy after being traded from Atlanta. I don't care who signs Sabathia as long as it is not the Red Sox he seems destiend for a breakdown at some point.

- The Yankees are looking hard at Orlando Hudson, who they might move to Center Field. The should let him stay at 2b and get rid of Cano he is never going to work out the way they thought he would.

Thats all for now.

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