Monday, November 3, 2008

Welcome to the St. Regis

Some notes from the GM meetings, as a service to all of our readers I have read all I can find on this topic and I have combined it all here for you with my very own special brand of commentary.

- Jake Peavy does not want to come to the Red Sox: Who cares? do we need an over priced pitcher? No, we have three very good starting pitchers, and Tim Wakefield right now. If we have to get another pitcher we can sign someone without giving up prospects, and trust me when I say that the Padres askign price is high.

- Derek Lowe's name seems to be everywhere. The Mets, Yankees, Cardinals, Tigers and Cubs are all said to be possibilities. As long as he does not end up here.

- Jason Varitek to the Dodgers. This one seems crazy, they have a catcher his name is Russell Martin and last time I checked he is really good, I can't imagine Tek volunteering to be a backup like that.

Thats all the stuff I really care about for now I will keep monitoring and let you all know.

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