Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Happened Today?

The game is over, and with it the road to the playoffs just got a lot tougher. Neil thought the Pats were going to run the table, clearly he must have meant the kids table. So what are the problems? Where are the areas that need correcting. While one could argue that EVERYTHING needs correcting after today, there are a few areas that are of major concern;

-The Secondary
Ellis Hobbs is a marginal number two at best. He has flashes of brilliance on one play and then fucks up two plays later. Usually its not just a missed assignment either. Think about that kid that was in your high school gym class. You know, the gym hero. One of the best athletes in the school. The one who would always attempt to intercept the ball, or take the three pointer. You know, that asshole. Ellis Hobbs does the same shit that kid did, except in the NFL.

After Hobbs, there is no one back there. Someone thought that O'neil was better that Fernando Bryant, but I don't see it. He is almost always a step behind his man, and still, this late in the season looks lost out there at times. I would say he has less than a 15% chance of being on the team next year.

Then there are the safeties...When I watch Brandon Meriweather play I get angry. He gives everyone a cushion and does not look like a first round pick. Put him in Tandem with James Sanders, and you are talking about a quarterbacks wet dream. We need help.

Brady, Thomas, Harrison, Wheatley, oh my!

-Defensive playcalling
We have been lost since Romeo took off for Cleveland. I had hoped that Dom Capers would have injected some aggression into the plays but thus far I have not seen it. Rootbeer & Bacon would like to formally announce that they completely support the rumors of Romeo coming home to New England when he gets canned in a few months. Lets be honest, we are now formally starting that rumor. We love you Romeo, come home.

-Right Side of the O-Line
Oh God. The coaching staff love Stephen Neal. I have heard all about his footwork and his understanding of leverage thanks to being a college wrestler. But I put all of that up there with the shit we hear about Jason Varitek having all of these intangibles with the pitching staff. By that I mean its just shit people spew out when they want to sound like they are waaaay into Boston sports. The bottom line is Tek is old and its time to go, and Neal cannot stay healthy and seems to get beat a lot. As far as Nick Kaczur goes, well I liked him better when he was on drugs.

-Catching the ball
I had thought that it was a given that WR's could catch balls that hit them in the hands...I guess I had been misinformed.

There is a lot more, but thats enough for now. But I just want to comment on all the crap floating around about trading Brady and signing Cassell. There is only one way to handle this nonsense. If you hear anyone entertaining the idea what I want you to do is not respond. Then must drop to one knee, and punch that person in the cock as hard as you can. If every R&B reader punches two people in the cock, we can have this stupid shit put to bed before Christmas. We can only do it if we work together people. R&B will offer further incentive. If anyone can provide visual documentation that they have punched someone in the cock, we will post the picture and name of your cockpunch victim on the website, and send you one (1) Rootbeer & Bacon Sticker.

I'm all out


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