Monday, May 26, 2008

Instant Analysis: Why the Celtics LOST

This is a first for me. I'm actually starting this postgame wrap-up with six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of what can certainly be seen as a winnable game. The thing is, unless some miracles occur in these last six minutes that have not occurred in the first forty-two then there is no shot the Celtics are winning this game unless the Pistons allow them to hang around even more than they already are.

Without further ado, here's why the C's lost Game 4.

1) First and foremost, this game was a Grade A stinker. Absolutely atrocious. Honestly, I almost wish it were a blowout just so I would not have felt obliged to keep on watching the game through the evening. Yet again, the Celtics offensive is looking utterly incompetent.

2) Really, the only Celtic player that looked like they had a clue offensively all night was James Posey and he did not even play that well. I don't think KG saw the paint on the offensive end, Ray Allen reverted back to bricking every jumper in sight, and they received absolutely worthless play from the point guard position. Pierce never seemed to find his rhythm, but I give him credit for at least grinding, attacking the rim, and getting his points that way.

3) Antonio McDyess absolutely killed them. Dude was unstoppable. Does he miss jump shots?

4) Jason Maxiell was pretty good for the Pistons too. He's like Leon Powe 2.0. Bigger, stronger, faster, better basketball player.

5) Why did Sam Cassell become the backup point guard again? Didn't we all agree that was not working out too well. Did you see that off balanced three he chucked early in the fourth quarter about five second into the shot clock? WTF?

6) I love Rajon Rondo, I really do but two things drive me mad about him. One, he is wildly inconsistent as demonstrated by his performances throughout the playoffs and two he is an awful finisher. How many layups does that guy miss?

7) 2:53 left in the game. Billups who has been awful all night just nailed a three to put the Pistons up 10. Ball game? I'd be shocked if it were not.

8) Seriously, what a terrible game. The Pistons should have won this thing by at least 20. The fact that it will be less than that really does not speak too well for them and I think gives the Celtics hope for winning this thing eventually - probably in 7 next Sunday. I really don't think the Celtics have played worse this postseason. I guess Game 3 in Cleveland you could say, but this performance was plenty bad too. They definitely get bonus points for hanging around and showing perseverance but if any Celtics fan out there can actually say that they for one minute truly believed the C's would pull it out in the end, they are lying.

(OK, so it ended up that the Pistons won by 19. Really though, most of that lead was padded in the last two minutes of the game and garbage time. All things considered I'd say they won by about 12. Now that the final spread was 19, I'm going to go ahead and say they should have won by 30. Props to the C's for making it a game, but seriously, they played like crap.)

See you on Wednesday night. Same time. Same place. Hopefully better spirits.

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