Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Little Harsh on KG....Sorry

So, I wrote last night's post in a partial stupor after the game and I think I was a little harsh on KG. Unfortunately, his late game no-show was fresher in my mind than his phenomenal first 2.5 quarters. What he did during that time span cannot be understated. He dominated - on the blocks too - and hit a number of shot clock beating bombs that were tough shots. Without him and Perk in the first half the Pistons probably blow the thing open early. Things were looking so bleak and frustrating early on I was struggling to watch. And then KG posterized Theo Ratliff, the arena exploded, and the Celtics used that momentum to go on the prolonged run that ultimately resulted in their lead peaking at 17 late in the third quarter. None of that is possible without KG and his truly outstanding play early on. Because of that, I've got to apologize for prior comments. After nearly watching a 17 point lead get tossed down the toiler I was thinking more along the lines of negative than positive. Let's accentuate the positive right now and say that KG was a beast through 2.5 quarters and the game probably is not close - as in a Pistons blowout - without what he did.

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