Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lucky Seven Thoughts?

1) I did not think it was possible but LaDanian Tomlinson may actually have some competition for bitchiest star athelete award. That's right folks, LeBron James is breathing right down his neck. Not being an avid Cavaliers watcher I did not realize how whiny and "god forbid anybody lay even the slightest hand on me" he is. It's truly a revelation.

2) Just in case you were wondering, Eric Gagne's numbers on the year are 1-2 with a 6.89 ERA, 1.85 WHIP, and five blown saves. Again, looks like we got the "real", post-steroids Gagne in Boston. I hate dumping on the guy so much but he came off as such a standoffish prick while he was here that I am revelling in his failure. Sorry to all the Brewers fans though.

3) If Tony Allen should send anybody a Christmas Card this year, that person should definitely be Sam Cassell. Amazingly, Cassell has grabbed the reigns of the "person I cringe, cuss, and want to break things when I see check into the game" award from him and seems content on running absolutely wild with it. Seriously, I could not dislike a Celtics player more right now than I dislike Sam Cassell.

4) Oh, and why can't the Celtics win on the road? It is getting maddening. I would have bet almost my life on the fact that they would lose on Saturday but I did not think they would do so in such uninspiring fashion. Hopefully Monday can be an improvement?

5) With every new Julio Lugo error it is beginning to look more and more like RBB is going to get their Jed Lowrie wish. As Buster Olney pointed out in his blog the other day, the Red Sox have championship aspirations and shortstop is too important of a position to be fielding a major defensive liability at. With that said, most of what I have read about Jed Lowrie is that he may not have the range or arm to handle that position. It's a tough dilemma. As much as I'd like a guy who can make the routine play, I'd also like a guy that will turn tough groundballs into outs instead of letting them through the gap for base hits.

6) All of this really has me pining for Alex Gonzalez, the OC, or even the no-hitting Pokey Reese. With the exception of that posse, ALL of the players the Sox have run out recently have struggled massively with the routine plays whether it was Nomar air-mailing throws or Renteria or Lugo botching easy groundballs. Yikes. Much like the bullpen which has been hit or miss for the Sox in the Theo years, shortstop has certainly been an area of great issue as well.

7) I am still waiting for Paul Pierce to take over a playoff game. I know he can. As for how to accommodate that, here is my suggestion.

Play him forty minutes on Monday night, cede the backup point guard duties to Ray Allen and Eddie House, and for all the time that Rondo is not in run almost the entire offense through Pierce. Despite everything else, Pierce is still their best and most consistent offensive player when he can get himself into the game and I truly believe that that will make a world of difference. Notice how Sam Cassell was nowhere to be found there? Exactly. From now on I hope to only see him in the game at the end of quarters on last offensive possessions when a shooter is necessary. Other than that I hope to see him sparingly. I know that won't happen because Doc is in love with him, but a guy can dream right?

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