Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Notes from a Long Weekend

Here isFor me the weekend began on Thursday afternoon when I attended the Sox vs. Royals, and continued on Friday when there was a jeans day at work which I consider a vacation from myself. Anyway it was a big sports weekend, not only for the major sports like Baseball and Basketball but also for the lesser known sports like Lacrosse and Indy car racing. So here are my notes from the weekend.

- The Sox stunk it up this weekend, I won't expound much further because Neal already did but can they have some kind of consistency, also I hate games on the west coast I am all for staying up late but a 10 PM start is just to late for me to get through the entire game anymore.

- On Thursday the Celtics lost and dashed our hopes, then on Sunday they won on the road and regained home court advantage, then never seemed completely there last night. Maybe they only play with intensity at home and when they are facing a true must win, this series is going 7 and I think that the Celtics will win.

- On Sunday my Fiancé, her mother, and her cousin drove to Natick to go to some shop called "Shoes to Dye For", we are getting married in 6 months and I guess the time had come for them to buy shoes. I on the other hand have done nothing about my tux, and don't plan on it for quite sometime. Anyway I am getting off point, I watched the Indianapolis 500, or at least I channel surfed and kept ending up there. It was actually pretty exciting to watch especially when Danica Patrick got taken out and then she tried to go after the guy who did it.

- If you want to get angry read this article http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_9363445, and if you want to get really angry read the comments including the idiot person who commented that Boston should lose its franchise because of spygate. Fucking Idiot.

- I also watched some of the NCAA Lacrosse live from beautiful Gillette Stadium. I found myself rooting for Duke, usually I hate Duke they are elitists but after the mockery that was the Duke Lacrosse Rape case I found myself rooting for them even though they ended up losing to Johns Hopkins.

- Finally I bought some more baseball cards this weekend. I have definitely cut down on my habit allot since last year but I still found myself buying 2 boxes do Bowman. For those who don't know Bowman is the rookie card maker, they have all the stars but also the top draft picks from last year. An Albert Pujols card from this set back in the early part of the decade goes for 5,000 bucks. None of the cards I got would ever be worth that much.

- Also in baseball card news, about 6 months ago I bought a box of Bowman Heritage off the clearance table at Slap shot sports cards. I got some good cards and got a redemption card for Koby Clemens. Essentially by the time they sent out the cards the great Koby had not returned his cards yet. I waited and waited and waited and then on Friday I got a package in the mail. Was the Rocket's oldest son in there? No. Often injured no name pitcher Jacob L Marceaux was, to say I am pissed is an understatement.

That's all I have from this this long weekend, hopefully the Sox turn it around and can return home with a win streak after the trip to Seattle and Baltimore. Watch the Celtics on Wednesday I have a good feeling about it.

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