Monday, May 26, 2008

The Red Sox Streaks Through 53 Games

Is the Red Sox season driving you mad? Have you ever seen a streakier team? Does it seem like they cannot get things going on a steady pace and instead will either win every game they play or lose every game? Well, if that is how you feel, then you are pretty much correct.

Going crazy from the rollercoaster nature of this season, I decided to check out their game-by-game results. Consider the below, it is insane. Also consider that despite everything they are currently 31-22, playing .585 baseball and on pace for about 95 wins. It's not all bad really, I'd just like a slighly smoother ride. If they can win fourteen or fifteen of twenty games without it being two seven game win streaks with a six game losing streak thrown in the middle I think it will make life easier on anybody. Again though, it's pretty tough to complain about a team on a 95 win pace. Just check this out though:

The Red Sox Season From The Perspective of Their Streaks:

(starting at the beginning of the season and going through 5/25)

Won 3 of 4
Lost 3
Went 2-2
Won 10 of 11
Lost 5
Won 7 of 8
Went 2-2
Lost 4
Won 7
Lost 3

Insane right? I'm sure this stuff will even out in the end and the streaks will become less pronounced but right now it is just insane to me.

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