Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NBA Draft 2008

I know I haven't posted lately, but allergies are kicking my butt right now hopefully whatever is blooming will stop soon and my life can get back to normal. That being said, I wanted to make a quick post about last night. Not the Celtics game which was fun to watch but the draft lottery. For years I have been fascinated by the lottery, I even had a party one time with some friends in middle school where we watched the draft lottery. As you know by now the Bulls one the draft lottery with a less than 2% chance. They have had more top five picks since Jordan left than I care to mention and only one, that is right ONE, is still on the team and that is the constantly under performing Ben Gordon who they selected third.

Anyway here is my point, the ping pongs bounced and the Bulls one and then less than 2 hours later posted its first mock draft. I don't have a problem with them posting it I have a problem with who is available to be picked.

There are 30 picks in the first round, and they only 4 Seniors going in the top 30, now granted there are some foreigners they have about three from what I can tell, but can someone explain how there are 23 underclassmen who are going to be drafter in the first round. I can't fault the likes of Michael Beasley, or Derrick Rose just like I didn't fault Greg Oden and Kevin Durant a year ago, but I do have to say Ty Lawson what is going through your head, or Kosta Koufos, or Marceese Speights. They are all projected to go in picks 27 through 29. Why do you leave school early to go ride the bench. Do you think Ty Lawson could beat out Chancey Billups, or Kosta Koufas is going to beat out David West.

I don't think so why do they come out early? Stay in school, Ty Lawson could have had another year with Tyler Hansborough who knew he was at best a sixth man in the NBA and stuck around to win another Player of the Year award. What is gained but a couple million dollars that you would get the next year and a career watching from the bench. Take it from a college graduate STAY IN SCHOOL.

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