Thursday, May 1, 2008

Red Sox Walk off with the Win

I have been to several walk off wins over the years that I have been attending Red Sox games. The most memorably is probably the two run bomb that David Ortiz hit in the bottom of the tenth to win the game and the American League Division Series against the Anaheim Angels. The past two nights though as I watched from afar(a red neck yacht club, and my sofa) I was tempted to think that there might be something special about this team. I know that we are only one month into this season and for all I know I could be writing a post in September about how disappointing the Sox were but in this early season the Sox have won 8 games on thier last at bat this season.

The pressure will be on tonight as Red Sox Stalwart Tim Wakefield will take the hill following one of the most impressive spans of pitching by the Red Sox starters that I have seen in my lifetime. Despite losing on Saturday Buchholz pitched 8 innings of 1 hit ball, on Sunday Josh Beckett also lost but managed to strike out 13, on Tuesday Jon Lester had one of the best starts of his career pitching 8 innings of one hit ball(He could be a great pitcher all the time if he just threw strikes, this bull shit nibbling on the corners thing is ridiculous), and finally last night Daisuke coming back from the flu pitch 7 strong innings of 2 hit ball. The worst thing though was none of them got the win.

The Sox may have come through in the clutch but they have not come through any with the bats any other time. Big Papi has been breaking out of his slump but that flu that ravaged the clubhouse in late April, mixed with injuries to JD Drew and JAcoby the offense has been sputtering. I think they need to get rid of Coco, find a setup man who can take Delcarmans place as he has been god awful the last few weeks and looked like a real ass last night when he threw the snack container onto the field after getting pulled. I'm sorry but when you have given up runs in your last three appearances you lose the right to get angry when you are pulled for giving up a hit. Let's be honest to he is not Mariano Rivera, or Trevor Hoffman he has no track record that allows him to act like an ass.

They need to get back to basics, pair Dustin and Jacoby at the top of the lineup and allow them to set the table for Manny and Papi. JD needs to go back to the 5 or 6 spot and I am sure Lowell will find his stroke once he gets comfortable again. The key is going to be the offense this season the pitching will come through but they need to be able to score. They are still 6th in the MLB in scoring, 3rd in the American League and that is with an awful 5 game stretch. I look forward to tonight's game and just have to say go Celts!!

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