Friday, May 23, 2008

Live at Fenway Park

So yesterday I got to do something that I rarely get to do, go to a Sox game on a weekday afternoon. I work for a living so long gone are the days of my youth when I could hop on a train at the Beverly depot when ever I thought that I could get tickets. This time though not only was going on a work day, work was why I was going, and they gave me spending money to boot so it was all gravy.

Anyway for the first time in about 5 years I sat in the bleachers and watched as the Red Sox hit two grand slams and kept letting the Royals back into the game until Paps finally slammed the door in the 9th. I have now been to three games this year, a Friday night Yankees game, a Saturday night rangers game, and a Thursday afternoon Royals game and I have some observations.

- At the Yankees game things were hectic, people were everywhere outside the ball park, we must have passed 10 scalpers on our way in trying to get us to sell our tickets. Once inside you could hardly move and people were just rude. At the Rangers game more of the same, most likely because it was Patriots day weekend and all the running nuts were in town. Yesterday though for the royals it was dead, the game was sold out and they claimed that 37k people were there but it was easy to walk around and there were guys trying to get rid of tickets out front instead of buying.

- At the Rangers game we had Lance Armstrong throw out the first pitch, I think at the Yankees game we had Jacoby Ellsbury's cousin (It was Native American Night), and then yesterday we had the Mass Teacher of the year.

- At the Yankees game it was obvious the Sox were going to lose, Wang was on his game and the Sox were just not hitting but everyone stayed to the final out, the Rangers game was close and Paps was going to come in so everyone stayed, yesterday even with a three run game most of the stands were empty by the end. The group in front of us about 7 guys who wore way to much cologne disappeared twice for 3 innings at a time.

- The signs are interesting at a Royals game it is obvious that the crazy people can't afford a regular game and they came out in force yesterday. The best sign I have included a picture of.

So to wrap up it was a good game, a friend of mine got to go to her first game, the way home on the bus was particularly interesting, especially when the bus driver got off route one and drove us around the back roads of Revere and Malden only to get back on route one less than a mile later. Also I got to watch most of My Cousin Vinny which is always a good movie. The Sox are on the road for the next 10 an are the west coast for 6 games so there will be some late nights.

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