Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can the C's Get Redz Back?

So this is of interest. The below is taken from a story by Chris Broussard on earlier reporting the Cavs acquisition of Bucks point guard, Mo Williams:

The acquisition of Williams may spell the end of Delonte West's brief tenure in Cleveland. The Cavaliers have been embroiled in contract talks with West, a free agent who became their starting point guard after being traded from Seattle last February.

I have said it a bunch of times before, but wouldn't Delonte West be the perfect backup for Rajon Rondo? He can run the point adequately - and better than Eddie House - and he can shoot, play defense, and rebound too. What is not to like? It always seemed like Delonte's best fit would be as a 20 minute a night backup on a good team and the Celtics right now are that team. Maybe West wants to start somewhere and if that is the case then I can't fault him too much, but if he wants to win, play decent minutes every night, and return to a city that he knows and where he was a crowd favorite just a year and a half ago then Boston has to be on his short-list. It's a fit for Delonte and it's a fit for the Celtics, so let's make this happen. Everybody wins.

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