Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend in Review

It was a light sports weekend for me, I of course watched the Red Sox games, and I caught Sportscenter blowing the Manny in a Dodgers uniform out of proportion, but other than that there was a whole lot going on but here is what I have from the first weekend in August.

- I love Jason Bay, I don't care how many reporters give us a bad grade on this trade I think it was perfect. He fits in well witht he whole attitude of the team, he is a hard worker, he hustles, he walks, and so far he has played a significant better Left Field than Manny ever did.

- Manny came out of the gate swinging in LA, and even anounced that he would like to stay in LA for the rest of his career. They can have him, they seem to be the haven for crazy former Red Sox fans who didn't like the stress of Boston, and love being nobodies in LA. Derek Lowe of course is the prime example since he is Bat Shit Crazy in my eyes.

- Paul Pierce got put into handcuffs in LA this weekend. Thankfully he was not driving drunk, was not arrested wasn't even given a ticket, and seemed to be smart enough to calm down and parked his car for the night after the incident.

- We have the first preseason game on Thursday it will be interesting to see how th CB since apparently any of the 20 that we have on the roster right now could end up being the starter.

- The xgames were this weekend, I will be honest I did see some of it, you can say what you want about them but they are all pretty spectacular athletes.

- Olympic games start Friday, who would have guessed that the Chinese would have ended up regulating the press and restricting Web access, I mean they promised to be good for the two weeks of the Olympics, we had to believe them right?

- Brett Favre is back, who the hell cares I am sick of reading, or hearing about him.

- Futures at Fenway is coming back this year, and I will be there for my Bachelor Party so it should be pretty exciting especially since it is described as a family day at the park.

So that is about it for now, see ya.

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Cutleg said...

YAY FUTURES AT FENWAY!! Family day my sweet ass...drunken debauchery is more like it!