Thursday, August 7, 2008


So as Ben has already touched on Brett Favre is a New York Jet, I am trying to think of how that should scare me as a Patriots fan. HMMMMM thinking Hmmm thinking, I got nothing, absolutely nothing scares me about this move by the Jets. The last time that the Pat’s played him was in Green Bay on November 19, 2006. We won that game, what was the score you may ask, 35-0. Favre didn’t play that long after he hurt his elbow, he ended the game 5 for 15, with 73 yards.

Welcome to the AFC East Brett, instead of getting your ass kicked by the Patriots once every four years, you get to see us twice. Including week 2 when the coach will pound you while you are still trying to learn the mangenious’s offense. The best thing is the coach won’t do it because of Favre he will do it because of his complete and utter hatred of Mangini and the Jets in general.

If nothing else I am thrilled that he is a Jet, because I am tired of this will he or won’t he, should he be a Viking blah blah blah. The Packers mishandled this, and so did Favre, and now the Packers are getting back at him, they could have sent him the Vikings where he could have competed for a Super Bowl Berth, or to Tampa Bay where he would have at least had a shot at the playoff. Instead he is headed to the AFC east to he will have to face the defending coach of the year, the defending MVP, the defending, AFC Champs, twice a year. Welcome to the East Coast Favre.

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Boston Knucklehead said...

I agree i'm not worried about him on this side of the US either. Bring it on!