Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome to the AFC east Mr. Favre, We Hope You Enjoy Competing For Second Place.

Late last night Brett Favre became a Jet, a New York team that does not play in New York. He should find it refreshing to play in a larger market, and in a region with somewhat better weather. But, it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to the other things that will come along with playing in the AFC east.

First, he is now the QB for a team that has been rebuilding for the last two decades or so. He is playing for a team that allowed Coles to leave in free agency only to trade for him a year later. Perhaps more importantly he is playing for a team that loves to draft kickers. Okay, enough making fun of the Jets... for now. but still this is a team that has had a tough couple of seasons, and made every attempt to sign every single free agent on the market this offseason. Honestly, I think that they did a fantastic job addressing their three biggest needs. The shored up the line on both sides of the balls through signing Damion Woody, Alan Faneca and trading for Kris Jenkins and drafting Vernon Gholston. Now, they have traded for an outstanding quarterback who can come right in and replace that guy with the tear away shoulder. Still, none of these guys have played together, some are new, some are coming from a different conference. Favre has managed to give himself the label of a primadonna, so he may have some trouble leading this team right off the bat. If they gel, they could end up going from the bottom of the barrell to...second place.

Which leads me to my next point; Favre is going to have to transition for being teh quarterback of the best team in his division by far, to being the quarterback of a team that best case scenario will be a distant second in the division. The Patriots won the division by nine games last year, and look to have actually improved many parts of their team going into the fist preseason game tonight.

Can Favre get used to not being the powerhouse in a subpar division? Can he lead a relatively new team? Will he adjust to playing in a huge market? Lot's o' questions....

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