Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Madden Day!

So the Olympics are in full swing, the Patriots are getting into the swing of things with one preseason game down and three more to go, and the Red Sox have been ok and things for them might be looking up with two of Tampa’s best players hitting the DL. Of course none of those things matter, at least not for today, because today is the day that Madden 2009 comes out.

This is particularly exciting for me as I have not been able to buy and play the best version of Madden for quite a while, as I have a Wii and before that a regular Xbox. But several months ago I purchased my own XBOX 360 and I am now ready to play Madden the way it is meant to be played in HD with surround sound.

Now to there are some critics of Madden out there who say that there are no differences from year to year except for the players. I beg to differ and this year is example of no big changes but plenty of small ones that will be appreciated by serious gamers.

- The first big change is the addition of My Skill, this allows the computer to adjust the AI each game depending on your past performance. A big problem with Madden for me has always been that I get good then no one can touch me, and the game becomes less interesting.
- In the game play they have added slide protection, formation subs on the fly and rivalry games. I have always enjoyed the rivalry games on NCAA so I am excited to see this feature.
- They have improved the animation for both catching and juking. This is key because when you watch a replay it can be frustrating to see up close how awful the receiver looked and how it real life the ball would have bounced off his helmet.
- They hired away the designer of one of the NBA street games and he upped the animation of things like rain, snow and even the grass, it will be that much better on my plasma.
- They have added Madden Moments, which is a scenario from last season that they have you either duplicate or approve upon. They have had things like this in the past so I am not sure why it is being touted as a new feature.

So I will be picking up my copy from the North Beverly Gamestop at around noon today. I reserved my copy when I picked up NCAA 2009. I will give you a review after I have actually played it, I have challenged fellow R&B writer Ben to a game that hopefully we will both post about, we are giving each other some practice time and limiting ourselves to the crappy teams i.e. the Chiefs, the Dolphins, the Raiders etc. That is all for now.

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