Friday, August 15, 2008

What is going on in China?

I have been watching the Olympics off and on, I try to tune in when Phelps is about to swim, otherwise I only flip there during a Red Sox Commercial or a blowout(Only to find our an hour later we are losing). Anyway here are some news and notes from what I have seen.

- Alain Bernard whose picture I have included above maybe the scariest looking person in the olympics. I personally love a Frenchman who tries to trash talk the USA.

- If those Chinese girls from the gymnastics team are 16 then Ben's daughter Lucy who is only two months old should be starting Kindergarten next weekend.

- Michael Phelps is crazy, I have caught almost every single one of his Gold Medal races in the past week. Last night was maybe one of the more impressive races as he dominated the 200m Medley. Two races to go, they say he is the underdog for the butterfly tonight but if he pulls it out then that makes Saturday that much more exciting.

- I will admit that I have watched some Beach Volleyball, Misty May and Kerri Walsh are smoking there opponents. A piece of trivia for you, Misty May is married to crappy Flroida Marlins catcher Matt Traenor.

- I saw some rowing on TV last weekend, I spent the whole time hoping that the coaches that ride the bikes next to the river to cheer on thier teams would crash it has happened before. I guess it can be quite spectacular.

- Track and Field starts today, it is about time hopefully we can create some more distance between us and China. China is ridiculous this time around, they have been taking semi talented children from there homes for the last 10 years in anticipation of this olympics.

That is all I have for now.

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