Monday, August 25, 2008

Dodgers with Manny: 11-12, Sox with Bay: 14-7

LA has Manny Mania! And a losing record since he came on board.

If ever there has been a more stereotypical LA sports story than the city falling in love with a guy like Manny Ramirez and his flash and bat while not noticing that he has done nothing in terms of actually improving the team's record then I can't think of it. Other than rallying around a rapist. Oops, sorry, an "alleged" rapist. But that's a different sport so I digress.

Case and point; the Dodgers after being swept in a four game series in Philadelphia are 11-12 in the Manny Era and one game under .500. So they were a .500 team before and a bit under a .500 team after. I guess "energizing the team" and "selling dreadlock wigs" are more important than winning these days in LA. Whatever. It should not be a shocker. Sure the team is relevant again, but they aren't better and I guess that is all that people care about out there.

As for the Sox, with Jason Bay they are 14-7. I hate to keep harping on it, but the more the media and the Dodgers keep fawning over Manny, the more I feel the need to bring up the fact that he has done NOTHING to improve the bottom line results of the team. Sorry, the puff pieces have driven me to insanity. I guess I just care about winning more than dreadlock wigs.

Where is the love for Jason Bay?! That is a guy that must be celebrated!

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