Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Star Game

So as you all probably know the all star game was last night, and went into the early morning. I watched it until the 15th inning and was thrilled when it was over and I could go to bed, I am still absolutely wiped today though and I hope to make it early night since there are absolutely no sports on tonight. So here are some thoughts from all star weekend.(or is it week since it took up the begining half of this weekend)

- Josh Hamilton is now my favorite non Red Sox player in baseball. I followed his career through the ESPN special inside the lines, and the heart wrenching articles in Sports Illustrated. I even saw him on an episode of the Real Estate Pros where becuase he was banned from baseball the owner of Trademark properties made him a foreman on his Shoeless Joe Jackson project. It is good to see him comeback and it is amazing that for someone who missed so much time and spent so little time in the minors can be so effective now.

-15 innings, you knew after the debacle in Milwaukee back in 2002 that this game was not going to end in a tie. After the game Tito even said that he would have put JD Drew in as a pitcher if the game had gone any longer.

- Dan Uggla had an awful night, between the errors and going 0-4 I can't imagine that this is a night that he will want to remember.

- JD Drew won the games MVP, I was a little surprised by it but you have to figure that he had the best gameout of anyone, 2 for 4 with 1 homerun and two RBIs. It is still good to see a Sox player win especially JD after the awful season he had last year it is good ot see him earn his money.

- It looks to me that Steinbrenner has had a stroke. It was good to see him even though I have never been able to stand him or his kids.

- What is going on with Paps? he just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut, between him mouthing off about Rivera and the whole revenge on the Rays thing. Which as a side note we know he will never be able to carry out becuase he only pitches one in inning in a close game so he better not be throwing at a guy about a stupid fight when a game is on the line. he needs to keep his mouth shut otherwise he could be the next Curt Schilling.

- I loved the pregame announcements, having all the hal of famers on the field and announcing them as they announced the starters at there former positions. There were some Hall of Famers missing though that I wish could have been there. In particular Johnny Bench, Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Stan Musial, Carlton Fisk, and Carl Yastrzemski. NYC may have tried but they will never top the 1999 all star game when most of those players were there, plus the ones last night, plus Pete Rose, Roger Clemens, Ken Griffey Jr., Warren Spahn, Mark McGwire, and Pedro Martinez. Of course I will not forget the splendid splinter himself, and my favorite baseball player of all time Ted Williams.

That is all for now I am begining to work on me QB preview for the new fantasy football season.

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