Sunday, July 6, 2008

All Star Selection Sunday

Wow no one has posted on the new baby filled Rootbeer and Bacon in the last couple of days. I was down on the cape visiting my grandparents and fighting the traffic which was the worst I have seen it. The tourists didnt know what to do on the cape when it rained on Saturday so apparently they all thought that driving around was the best thing to do. I will not go down there again until the season is over in September, or if a Cape League game piques my interest.

This post is meant to be about the all star selections and in particular the selections from the Red Sox before I get to that though I have a couple of notes I wanted to post.

- Fuck JULIO LUGO, he is a piece of crap who should be run out of town. For the longest time he got away with his shitty play because the rest of the team hit an dno one seemed to notice the automatic out at the bottom of the order. We need to make a trade, bring in Omar Vizquel who may suck just as bad at the plate would at least not give up so many runs in the field.

- Second thing I like Tennis, there I said it I just watched Nadal take down Federer in a five set thriller. I only watch the grand slam events but the last two days have made me interested again and I can't wait for the US Open to start.

On to the All Stars. As you probably already know the Red Sox got 7 players on to the all star team.

David Ortiz - I question the fans on this one even though I love Big Papi he has been out for a month, and when he was playing his average was crap and was just starting to heat up whne he got injured. I do like that he will respect the fans and will still show up in New York.

Manny Ramirez - over the past month Manny has been more known for his questionable behavior more than his playing a ability. He is a hall of famer but he has disrepected the all star game in the past and I would not be shocked if he some how found a way to sit this one out as well. He certainly is not an actual all star, and would not have made the team if it wasnt for the fans.

Dustin Pedroia - A great vote in by the fans, he is full of hustel is gold glove caliber at second base, and has been on absolute fire the last few months.

Kevin Youkilis - I wonder about this pick, I think he deserved it but I also think that Justin Morneau deserved it as well, still I am happy for the greek god of walks for him finally being recognized.

The Reserves

JD Drew - JD has been on frie since Papi was placed onthe injured reserve and did a great job replacing much of the offense that was lost. It is good to see him earning his money on this one.

Jonathan Papelbon - Paps is a great closer and will be an all star for years to come this is his third trip. He hasnt been quite as dominant as he has been in the past but he is still one of the best.

Jason Varitek - I can only hope htat he was voted on for the work he has done in the past. He has been absolutely awful this year at the plate. I am begining to question if the captain should be resigned nexgt year.


Mike Lowell, Jon Lester, and even Dice K deserved to make the team. Lowell still could once it is official that Papi is not playing and Miklton Bradley is starting. I think Lester is screwed a little by his record even though he has been great, Dice K has the record and the ERA and I was a little surprised he didnt make his was to NYC for the game. Imagine the reaction of the Japanese media if he was pitching wiht Ichiro in the field against fukudome. It would be as exciting as that time they thought that Godzilla was dead but then he wasn't and ate even more people.

I am done for now I will warn you I am hoping to write a preview to the fantasy football season that is quickly approaching. I have finished in the top three of all my leagues over the last five years so I might actually know what I am talking about or not.

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