Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tidbits from the Weekend

So another weekend has passed we are only a few weeks away from the All Star game and you still have one day to vote so make sure you go out there and make sure that your 25 votes count I know I have. It was a fairly boring weekend though the Sox were in Houston and lost 2 of 3 then lost last night to the Rays and Hideki is really starting to bother me. Anyway here are some notes from this weekend.

- The Sox need some bullpen help whether it is Masterson heading out there where I think he could be dominate or trading for someone, just don't pull another Eric Gagne kind of deal.

- Dan Duquette has been charged of an ethics violations for giving tickets to the mayor of Pittsfield MA back when the Sox were in the World Series in 2004. He sold them at face value when tickets were selling at $2,000 on ebay and on Ace Ticket. The problem is he was trying to get a lease for his minor league team the Berkshire Dukes a lease at the stadium in Pittsfield. You know things are slow when a story like this gets front page status on Boston.com. I think it is ridiculous, HE FOLLOWED THE LAW there are actually people who are condemning him for not selling them for market value when instead he followed the Scalping law which is never followed. He was damned either way if someone found out. Plus why was MLB giving him tickets?

- Manny shoved a traveling secretary, I really don't care, I am tired of the phrase Manny being Manny at this point he is just a moron who can play baseball and as long as he does that well I am ok.

- I love the story of the Rays, how they built themselves up through their minor leagues but I am sick and tired of hearing about it. I can only hope the sox take the next two games so they fall out of first place.

- Tiger Woods had his surgery and will be on crutches for at least three weeks, and he has no idea when he will be back. This is a depressing time for golf.

That is all I really have for now, I am contemplating having an omelet from the cafe here at work other than that nothing really exciting will happen..

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