Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheapskate Marlins

So Peter Gammons is saying that the deal got hung up because the Marlins wanted not only Manny Ramirez, a prospect, and 7 million dollars to pay Manny's Salary for the rest of the year, they also wanted an extra two million dollars. You got to be kidding me, it would essentially meant that we would trade all that for Jason Bay, I like Jason Bay but that is ridiculous. The Marlins are out of control, they only have a 22 million dollar pay roll, they got 25 million dollars in revenue sharing last year. So think about it, the Marlins don't need a media deal, advertising, etc, they can pay the team just onthe money that teams like the Sox and Yankees pay. They are going to kill an entire deal because they Sox won't give them more to take a sure fire Hall of Famer for the remainder of the season.

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