Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank you MN!!!

I just thought I would send out a quick shoutout to the ENTIRE state of Minnesota as I would like to thank them for all that they have done for the people of Boston. Most recently of course was the three game sweep that helped propel the Sox within two games of the vaunted Rays.Other than that think about it what other state has contributed more to our success in sports over the last decade. Some examples

David Ortiz: The Twins released Big Papi after several injury prone seasons, the Sox scooped him up and the rest is history of course. The Sox have of course won two world series since then and Big Papi is maybe the greatest clutch hitter in baseball history.

Randy Moss: Granted he did not come directly to Boston from Minnesota but before his amazing year last year he had always been best known for being a Viking, and hitting a meter maid with his car. Still we have to thank Minnesota for trading him to the black hole that is Oakland and him begging to get out of there to come to us.

Kevin Garnett: The heart and soul of our 2008 NBA Champions, it only took him one season away from the dreary state to win a championship. I still am not sure exactly what McHale was smoking when he agreed to this, Danny Ainge must have pictures of him with a goat or something.

Doug Mientkiewicz: Granted he is not a superstar like the previous three but his defense was crucial to the Red Sox world series win in 2004. It would have gone a lot better if he hadn't been a prick about the ball but still quite the steal.

Laurence Maroney: Another import from Minnesota where he played his college ball. Maroney is never going to be the next LT but he will suffice as the starter for the patriots high flying offense.

Once again I would like to thank the state of Minnesota for being our bitches, we tried it out for awhile with Florida but things just didn't work out, instead the state known only for having the biggest mall in America which is really the only thing to do there other than to watch the Minnesota Sports teams to try and find Boston's next big star.

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