Monday, July 7, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears!!

Back in 2006 I convinced Ben to play fantasy Baseball for one year, and what was a precursor to the blog he wrote a couple posts on the league wall titles what really grinds my gears. Now Ben has a baby as you can obviously tell from the pictures all over the website so he does not have the time needed to post as often, since he doesn't and I have to much time on my hand as I slowly transition to a new job and have no work to do in my old one I thought I would bring the "What really grinds my gears" column to Rootbeer and Bacon, especially after the last few days. Don't you like the special logo I made? You to can become a graphic designer with a little help from an old version of Microsoft PowerPoint. So here we go....

- Boston Sports Fans: The sox are 5 games out of first place and WEEI sounds like a funeral. The season is only half over, one of our best players is on the DL, they are a streaky team. As for Bob from New Hampshire who wanted to fire Theo Epstein because he feels he wasn't really that crucial to the two world championships. HE BUILT THE F'ING TEAM. Granted he had help in '04 from what had been given to him but the team that won last year was almost entirely his. He has made some bad trades and made some bad signings but last time I checked he broke an 86 year curse and then 3 years later did it again. Leave him alone he had one of the most successful drafts in MLB history in 2005 when he got Jacoby, Craig Hansen, Clay Buchholz, Jed Lowrie, and Michael Bowden. Leave him alone we will play better stop blaming Theo.

- Julio Lugo: You suck go back to where you came from

- Manny Ramirez: LIFT YOUR BAT OFF YOUR SHOULDER. I only played baseball for a 10 years when I was younger and I learned that the best way to hit the ball is to swing at it. Maybe I should be Manny's Hitting coach I could have helped him last night by yelling swing the bat during the 9th inning.

- Joe Morgan: He makes me miss Jerry Remy and we all know how much I hate Remy.

- Boston Sports fans: Yes again, I listened to WEEI during my lunch and I had to listen to some idiot give his five step plan to turning the sox around including trading almost every player in the starting lineup. His number one thing was to trade Lugo, see above for my feelings about Lugo. Every time someone says that they want to trade Lugo I think of a quote from one of my favorite TV shows My Name is Earl. "Who would wanna steal your car....a piece of crap with "asstronaught" painted on the side" - Randy. Lugo of course is the Car.

- Sam Cassell: Everytime I see video of him celebrating I wonder what exactly it is he did to help the Celtics win, can you explain it to me. If he had been on the court even one minute longer in the finals they would have lost and we would have had to see Koby on every sports show for the next six months.

That is all for now, later.

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