Monday, December 22, 2008

10 Thoughts for Monday!

1) Hey, did you hear? We all need to root for Man-Genius and the Jets on Sunday. How gross!

2) So the Celtics won against the Knicks on Sunday contrary to my prediction. Obviously I am cool with that. So when will the streak end now? My guess is it hits 20 with a win in the Big Lakers Game, but ends the next night in Golden State. If however, the Celtics can come out of their impending 4 games in 6 nights West Coast swing with the streak in tact then I don't know what to tell you. That would just be incredible.

3) I will go out on a limb and say that the Patriots will sneak into the playoffs after beating down the Bills in Buffalo when the Jags upset the Ravens on Sunday and the Dolphins beat the Jets. Hello Wild Card!

4) So there is a rumor out there that the Yanks may bring on Manny with a 3 year/$75M offer. That terrifies me. I know it crushes them defensively and they have logjam of corner OF/DH types, but you KNOW that Manny would just terrorize the Sox every time the teams met. If you thought Johnny Damon wrought havoc, I can't even imagine what Manny would do.

5) Do you know who I bet signs Jason Varitek to a 3 year/$30M offer? The Washington Nationals. As a DC resident, I know how truly awful an organization they are. So why sign Tek? Because the ownership is so stupid/arrogant they think that by signing a "name" free agent who they can make the face of their franchise, people will want to go to a beautiful stadium near nothing of interest in the city and watch a 95 loss team play on a 95 degree night in July. No thanks. But I promise you, they would think Tek could be a cure-all.

6) And yes, I do believe the JD Drew/Dice-K conspiracy and fully believe that Boras is trying to pull the same trick with Teixeira and Varitek. Only problem is, Boras so overplayed his hand with Teixeira that now bidders are dropping out of the fray left and right and he is in no position to say, "...and while you're at it, how about inking Tek to a multi-year offer".

7) Gotta say, I really loved the heart that the Cowboys D showed on Saturday night. Twice they had chances to put their team in position to win - and give a big time assist to the Pats of course - by just stopping the Ravens on the running plays that they knew were coming and force a punt. Instead they gave up 82 and 77 yard touchdown runs on consecutive offensive snaps. Awesome. Everybody in New England REALLY appreciated that.

8) If the Pats post the 11-5 but still miss the playoffs, you know what haunts us all offseason? Jabar Gaffney's drop and David Thomas' penalty in the Indy game, but more than that allowing the Jets to convert that 3rd and 15 in overtime. Ugh.

9) It is an absolute godsend that both the Ravens and Jets/Dolphins will be playing at 4:15. If the Ravens played at 1 and defeated Jacksonville, would you put it by Eric Mangini to have his team roll over as yet another F--- You to the Pats? Exactly. Now at least they have something to play for too.

10) One cool thing about the Celtics; that they are 26-2 and only Rajon Rondo (8th in assists/game) is in the top 10 in the league in any of the triple-double categories. Very cool. I love balance.

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