Monday, December 8, 2008

Back in Beantown

So I am back from my Honeymoon, it was nice to get out of the cold Northeast for a week, but it was also good to get back. I tend to forget the animosity that exists between Boston Sports Fans and everyone else. It was amazing how many glares I got or snide remarks as I walked around in my various Red Sox shirts and Patriots Sweatshirt. Anyway thought I would wrap up the weekend.

- Varitek declined arbitration. Who cares I am willing to go and help him pack, one of the articles I read actually said that he most likely has a multi year offer, if he does that is great. You have served us well, let us now send Clay Bucholz to Texas and get us a good young catcher.

- The Patriots won, barely. I was shocked to be honest with you, they did not play well at all and as the game dragged on they looked worse and worse. Bruschi, Vrabel, and Wilfork all went down. They maybe able to squeak into the playoffs, but as I stated last week I am still not emotionally invested in the team, although I will continue to watch, especially since I bought a house and don't have money to do anything but watch TV.

- The Celtics are on a role. What is up with the Pacers? They are 7-13, and in last place in there division, yet they play the Celtics hard every time they battle. It is good to see Ray Allen lighting it up like he never did last year. 35 points last night is pretty sweet.

- I need all 20 of our daily readers to get out there and vote for the NBA All Star starters, some how Yi Jillian is projected to be leading the voting in the Forwards category. This of course means that either Lebron James or Kevin Garnett will not start. Make sure you take the time in vote, the craptacular Yi from China shouldn't make the team, he is not even leading his team in ANY CATEGORY.

- You have to figure that Kevin McHales days in Minnesota are numbered, he is not behind the bench and I doubt he is going to be able to turn things around.

- The BC Eagles got smoked on Saturday and will end up in heading to Tennessee for the the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl. This adds to the long history of great bowls the Eagles have gone to in recent years, including the Champs Sports Bowl, the Meineke Car Care Bowl, the MPC Computers Bowl, and the Continental Tire Bowl

- Finally if you want to read the obvious head on over to and read Tony Massarotti's Top Five the Sox need to do while at the winter meetings.

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