Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The season is over

It is time to start the countdown to when the giant truck with the CVS logo departs from Fenway towards Fort Myers. The football season came to a close on Sunday after Brett Favre sucked it up again against Miami costing the Patriots the AFC east title. I don't understand how a 8-8 team gets in while the Patriots sit at home but I digress here are some notes from the past couple of days.

- Cassel will be on the move. When Brady went down Cassel got a very special Lottery ticket that he will cash in this off season. The question is how much is that ticket worth? Is he franchised and traded? or is he franchised and spends another year with a clipboard in New England just in case Tom Curran's story about Tom Brady and his knee is true. I will point out that Carson Palmer had a very similiar injury and has never seemed to be the same.

- How do we make our defense better? First they need to get younger, they should get a pick or two for Cassel and they should have money under the cap. Another theory, get rid of Dan Pees, I hear that our former Defensive Coordinator is on the market and is in need of a new job, and after his tenor there is no way Romeo gets another head coaching job at least not right now.

- The Mangenious has been fired, I don't care if he ever lands another job in football.

- So next year they are moving the Pro Bowl to the week in between the Super Bowl and the AFC and NFC championship games. While we lose the players that would be preparing for the big game, most of them don't play anyway they just take a vacation to Hawaii. I think this is a great idea, first it will get more people to watch it, and second all the players go to Super Bowl week anyway so they will be there anyway might as well get them playing.

- I know that no one is paying attention but the BC Eagle basketball team is 11-2 and heading into what will be a tough ACC schedule. Also the BC Eagles football team looks to wina nother meaningless bowl game tomorrow at the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl.

- Finally the Red Sox are picking up the pieces after they lost out on Teixiera by signing another crappy hitting catcher in Josh Bard, and injury prone Brad Penny. I was talking to my friend Jeff and we both agree that they will end up doing something to bolster there lineup. Whether they trade away some of there young pitching for someone like Joe Mauer, or when the A's fall out of the playoff race Matt Holiday. I am not worried, IN THEO WE TRUST.

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