Wednesday, December 10, 2008

John Hollinger FRAUD!!!!

I dont know if any of you ever get bored at work and end up clicking around on just to see what they have outside of there top ten stories and Bill Simmons latest 10,000 word essay on how the Road Rules/Real World challenge is an actual sport. I from time to time end up clicking on random things, I end up reading stories about the Asian Football Confederation, or stumble upon the latest Webisode of Kenny Mayne's new feature Mayne Street. I always seem to end up at the standings for whatever sport is currently in season and this is how I stumble upon John Hollinger's playoff odds.

Now for those of you who don't know who John Hollinger is here is a little background direct from the infalliable wikipedia. John Hollinger is a 37 year old graduate of the University of Virginia(doesn't say what he graduated in and what exactly makes him qualified but I will skip over that for the moment). In 1996 he created and started to spout off his big mouth. After spending time at hotbed of NBA basketball apparently), and he was hired away but ESPN where he now creates his supposed Mathematical rankings and playoff odds. If you would like to read a slightly more unbiased view of his life I direct you here..

So you say to yourself why is Mike writing about him? Doesnt he have something better to be doing? Christmas Shopping? Work? The answer is I have none of those things to do, but I do have time to rant about a man who will never read it. I have no idea what qualifies this man to make these rankings. Below I have posted his current playoffs odds.

Can someone explain to me how he has the Cavs ranked above the Celtics. Last time I checked the Celtics were 20-2 leading there division, have three of the best players in the NBA, have won 12 games in a row, and most importantly BEAT THE CAVS. I dont know what his formula is but what is it that makes the Cavs more of a favorite? a 52.7% chance to win the Championship. Really even with the Celtics and Lakers?

I will stop here in an attempt to keep from swearing.

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