Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whole Lotta Rosie

So, in what should be a move that surprises no one the Patriots resigned Roosevelt Colvin today. Indeed, the only thing that should be surprising about this is that it didn't happen the Wednesday after Thomas broke his arm. Here is a guy that knows the system, and everything else, and is just sitting on the couch. Even if he has lost a step, he still would be a better option than Pierre Woods was, or at least provide depth. I would expect him to see some significant time this weekend against the Seahawks, and it should increase as the weeks pass, since as I hear it, we wont be seeing much if any of Thomas for the rest of the season, unless the Pats make it deep into the playoffs. But to do that, we need to make it to the playoffs first, and we will need a whole lotta Rosie to do that.


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