Thursday, December 4, 2008

5 Thoughts for a Thursday

1) Sad news about Rodney Rodgers. The Celtics don't make the Eastern Conference Finals in 2002 without him. I also feel that by not re-signing him in the offseason of 2002 the Celtics obliterated the good-feelings they gradually built up that entire year. Maybe it would have been a little stretch financially, but sheesh. To let Rodney go and then bring on the Not-So-Functional Alcholic himself, Vin Baker was just a catastrophic chain of events for the franchise at the time. Sure all of those points are moot now, but let's not forget what Rodney was for the stretch-run of 2002.

2) Welcome back Rosie Colvin. To be totally honest I did not realize that he got cut by the Texans prior to the season. I am sure he can help the team in some capacity although I do get a nagging "too little, too late" feeling. The real question with Rosie though is always "what could have been" if he had never had that Bo Jackson injury in his second game with the team back in 2003.

3) Depressing blog post so far. Let's brighten it up some.

4) I say there are "triple doubles" and there are "TRIPLE DOUBLES!!!". Well my boy Rajon Rondo had a TRIPLE DOUBLE!!! last night. 16/13/17!! Are you kidding me?! Remember last year when I had a creepy man-crush on Rajon and I joked that he had to take out a restraining order? Well this year it could get "stalking him on Facebook and asking him to meet me a Salem Willows" style weird with him on my fantasy team too.

5) You know who I would love to see the Sox make a run at? Bobby Abreu. Don't laugh. You realize that last year he hit .296/20/100 with a .371 OBP and 22 steals right? Wouldn't he look mighty nice in that lineup somewhere? Admittedly they do not have a natural position for him, but with the inevitable JD Drew injury, the now inevitable Big Papi injury, the seemingly inevitable Mike Lowell injury, and still some questions about Ellsbury as an everyday player I am positive that if he could figure out first base they could find 500 ABs for him between RF, 1B, and DH. Maybe I'm crazy but I think he would be great for the team.

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