Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2009 Predictions

So we are getting to the end of the year here, and I thought I would borrow a page from Neil's playbook and run through some fearless predictions for the 2009 sports year. So without further hesitation:

The Sox will Sign Texiera- I think that the idea to play for a contender so close to home, coupled with a comparable offer will be enough to bring him to Boston.

Varitek will not be wearing Red Sox in the Spring- Someone will give him some money, and I think that there are some hurt feelings out there too.

The Celtics will beat the Bulls record- They are just rolling right now, and everyone is firing on all cylinders. Powe has made most people forget about Posey, and the Big Baby has taken Powes role from last year nicely.

Everyone will know who Gabe Pruitt is by the end of the season- I like the kid, and his outside shot.

The Patriots will not make the playoffs this year- Let's face it, injuries eventaully catch up with you. When people were yelling "We can't afford to lose Louis Sanders!" last week, you knew it was over.

The Bruins will win it all- This one is for the guys at work. But hey, they look good.

Cassell willnext year have a Dolphin on his helmet - Pennington was only ever meant to be a stopgap, and they will have a late draft pick, meaning Tebow and others will most likely not be available. Plus, Cassell would be a fool to go to Detroit or to Kansas City, thats where football players go to die.

Brady will be back, and thus the stock market will correct itself- The recession will be over, and Obama will be President, all will be right in the world.

Bruschi and Harrison will call it a career- Both will go into the Pats hall of fame, and Harrison may get into the Actual hall. Thanks guys, we'll miss you.

Papi will underwhelm next season- I fear the best is behind the big man. Between a wrist injury, chronic knee issues, and the fact that he is at least 4 years older than he tells people he is, makes me think that he will bat about .272 next year with 24 dingers. Not Big Papi numbers more like value size Papi numbers.

Thats all I got for now.


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