Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Rant

I tend not to care about color commentary outside of my well documented love for Tommy Heinson and my even more well documented loathing for Jerry Remy. I understand why you want a play by play guy and how a color guy adds to the overall broadcast. I rarely listen to sports on the radio, but have from time to time caught the Celtics on WEEI.

Prior to starting this site I had a long conversation about the Celtics retiring any number they could in order to try and get asses in the seats. I felt this reached it's most rediculous when they retired Cedric Maxwell's number, whom I never considered to much more than a role player on those teams. Now, I was very young, and most of my opinion is based on what I have learned long after Maxwell retired. So, I could be wrong on that end. When they installed him as the color man for radio broadcasts, I thought that at the very least he brought with him a vast knowledge of knowledge about the historical Celtics teams, which is something that Celtics fans and the front office value. But again, I really didn't care all that much.

I remember him getting some heat about some comment he made off the cuff last year, but still I really didn't care all the much. Then, while making a much needed and deserved run to the border (Taco Bell) the other night, he made a comment that is just plain insulting, and whats worse is noone has called him on it.

Well Rootbeer & Bacon is here to call him to task. Mr. Maxwell, on Monday evening you commented on how on your way to the garden you had to stop so a woman could cross the street who was pushing a shopping cart with everything she owned in it. Then you said, and I quote " Take your whole living room with you why doncha?" Mr. Maxwell, I am pretty sure that makes you an asshole. The woman you were talking about is clearly homeless, and if she had a living room she would keep her things in it. Whats worse is the vast majority of homeless people in MA are also suffering from severe mental illness. It was not funny.

My mother asked me to swear less on the site, so like a good son, I have been trying to keep the language to PG-13, but now I am going to go up to R, so get ready. Mr. Maxwell, you are a retired professional athlete with your number in the rafters at the garden, and you are on your way to a cush job telling anecdotes about your playing days. I would guess you make well over a 100,000.00 a year telling those anecdotes, which leads me to believe you live a pretty charmed life. But while doing your cush story telling job, you make a joke about a homeless women who delayed your arrival at a sporting event you were getting paid to attend?

That makes you an asshole Cedric Maxwell, fuck you.

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