Wednesday, March 12, 2008

50 Wins, Hurt Backs, and The Law

It has been a busy couple of weeks in my non Rootbeer & Bacon world, so my input has been a bit lacking. So sorry. However, here we are with some big time sports topics, so let' s dive right in, shall we?

The Boston Celtics have surpassed the 50 win mark for the season, and look poised for a great playoff run. In my humble opinion, the playoffs are an afterthought on what has been an amazing revival of basketball in Boston. While watching a Celts game over at Nick's place, we got into a discussion about the Garnett trade being one of those things that we will reminisce about and tell our teenage children about someday. It will be one of those things that we talk about in the same way that our fathers talk about Bird stealing the ball, or the fans rushing the court after that big playoff win. So, I am saying here and now that Kevin Garnett has done exactly what he was brought here to do: make the Celtics fun to watch again, and win game by playing exciting basketball. Thanks KG.

Oh no!! Did you hear that Beckett hurt his back? Did you hear that he won't be able to open the season? I just don't think that we will be any good without Beckett...I heard this from about 4 green sox hat wearing idiots this week. First, of course I heard, don't be an ass. Second, he pulled a muscle, thats it. Third, and this is the most important thing, IT IS ONLY MARCH!!! Relax he will be fine, and if he is not, guess what, maybe you can learn the name of someone in minors, whose shirt they don't sell at a stand in the mall. That's right there are more players on the team and in the system than the ones you see on shirts at Modell's...I know, I mind blower, but don't stress, Rootbeer & Bacon is here for you.

There are rumors flying about that Ty Law is talking with the Patriots about coming home. I personally love the idea. Sure he is getting up there in age, but he can still play, and at this point Ellis Hobbs is our premier corner. I doubt that we will see the Ty Law that left here three years ago, but we certainly see someone who can still play the game at a high level. He also will provide a stopgap while we orient whateve corner we take at #7. Can you think about a better mentor for a rookie than Ty Law? I can't.

The other night, Neil and I were engaged in a moderately heated discussion about whether or not Reggie Lewis' number should have been retired. More on this later.....

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