Monday, March 31, 2008

Notes from the weekend...

I think this will become a weekly thing for me. With my wedding approaching in November I find that my weekends have been filled with wedding planning and other wedding related activities. For example this weekend I spent my Saturday morning registering at Crate and Barrel seeing how many different kitchen gadgets I could scan when my fiancé wasn't looking. Anyway with the wedding planning and my general laziness have led to me not posting on the weekends and instead posting on Monday mornings with everything I noticed from this weekend.

- The Celtics managed to win two more games this weekend, but they were completely off my radar. After the Texas triangle triumph a couple of weeks ago I am just on auto pilot until the playoffs at this point. They have also almost clinched home court for the whole playoffs so there isn't much left to play for until we meet the Atlanta Hawks in the first round.

- I went to the Baseball card shop on Saturday, and had a fairly successful trip. I pulled a Freddie Sanchez autograph card, and some low numbered serial cards. It was also National Baseball Card Day so I got a free pack of cards. I read online that some stores had big parties and giveaways. Slapshot sportscards in Saugus had a sign and the same degenerates that are normally there.

- My Bracket was busted when my sleeper USC lost in the first round but it imploded this weekend as I only have UCLA left. I still enjoyed watching the games, I was particularly frustrated last night during the Davidson vs. Kansas game when Steph Curry was not able to get off the last shot.

- The Bruins played and no one cares

- I stayed up and watched the Sox play on the little league on Saturday night. The beginning to this season is annoying the crap out of me. Between the 6am starts, the exhibition games in between the real games and the fact that the sox aren't going to have a normal game time until next Friday. It doesn't seem like the season has really begun until I can come home from work and sit through the entire game.

- 11 days until the Red Sox game, still waiting for Ben to confirm that he will be joining us in the mayhem.

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