Monday, March 24, 2008

Same, Better, or Worse

While trying not to yell at my radio this morning (D&C had some how gotten it into there heads that it is easier to manage in Boston than it is in a place like Kansas City because the pay roll is bigger and it is easier to win, completely ignoring the fact that the Sox play in about 100 meaningful games a year where the scrutiny is almost unbearable, whereas the royals only play about ten meaningful games a year, and six of those are against the Sox.) Anyway while I was listening them they announced there next segment which they called "Same, Better or Worse", I did not get to hear the segment though as I got to work so in a blatant rip off I am going to do it here on the Blog.

So here we go....


First Base: Kevin Youkilis - SAME - Youk will always be a fan favorite for his hustle, Boston fans tend to cling to the Blue Collar guy. You can expect the same superior Defense from him and he is good for 80 RBI's and a .285 BA. He will never be a true all star unless the Sox fans find a way to vote him in which is a possibility this year with Ortiz listed as a DH on the Ballot since the All Star Game is in Yankee Stadium an AL Park

Second Base: Dustin Pedroia - WORSE - I love Pedroia but I cannot see him continuing on the pace he was on last year. I can see him continuing the gold glove caliber defense, but I would be surprised to see him hit .317 again. I would be happy if he is more consistent this year and isn't awful for the first two months like he was last season

Shortstop: Julio Lugo - WORSE - I can't stand Julio Lugo, I was pissed when they signed him and I am still pissed now. He is horrible, he is not very good defensively and he is the black hole in the line up. Best case scenario is that they trade him or he gets hurt and Jed Lowrie steps in and hits .300.

Third Base: Mike Lowell - SAME - Many people are saying that he will decline this year, now that he is another year older and just signed a new deal. I think we are looking at another solid year from Lowell, his defense is always solid and in this line up he is never going to the be THE GUY so I predict another all star campaign from Lowell.

Left Field: Manny Ramirez - BETTER - My first better, you can say whatever you want about him, and he is normally clueless but with a new agent in Scott Boras he is going to be ready to rip it up this year and make up for a down year last year. Plus his dreds are longer which can only help right??

Center Field: Jacoby Ellsbury - BETTER - Now you must remember I am rating the position not the player, this of course the only position that we are having a change. Do I think Jacoby will keep up his play from last fall, NO, he played out of his mind. He will however be a much better option than Coco Crisp was.

Right Field: JD Drew - BETTER - He has had an amazing spring training, when I saw him he looked a lot more comfortable both on the field and with his team mates. I don't think he will ever be worth what they paid him but I do think he will be better this year.

Catcher: Jason Varitek - SAME - It is time to admit that Varitek is on the back nine of his career but I see him having another marginal season. We all need to be honest about Tek though, we are not expecting MVP type numbers from him, he is here to be the Captain and to manage the pitching staff which overshadows his .255 batting average.

Pitching Staff - BETTER - The bullpen is just as strong as it was last year, and I would rate that as same but as the rotation matures this year I can see them be Better than last year. Beckett will end up starting the season once they are back in the states and has a good chance of winning the Cy Young. Dice-K will be just as strong if not stronger. Bucholz and Lester will finally get there chances and I would rather have one of them than Curt the blowhard.

So overall I do think the Sox will be better than they were last year, at some point they are going to have to get younger, luckily they have the prospects coming through the system that will be able to replenish them when the time comes. Well I am off to get some work done and I will write tomorrow when I get up at 6 to watch the opening game.

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