Sunday, March 9, 2008

Joe Lundardi Has a Life Worth Living This Week

First off, apologies for the lack of action last week. It was like the perfect storm for inaction due to everybody's conflicting schedules. Now, back to posting. Here are some things to watch out for over the next week:

1) ESPN's Joe Lunardi should be walking around with a massive erection all week. After all, it is FINALLY tournament time and his year's worth of work will finally come to a head next Sunday evening. Of course he will be on watch after the selection next Sunday and will not be allowed near any sharp objects, rope, or even a belt.

2) Ben will find Oscar Lua, create some tension with his wife as he debates running off somewhere beautiful with him, but eventually settle on just meeting him every two weeks for ice cream and skee ball at Salem Willows.

3) We will learn that Beckett will not go to Japan to start the year, but will be good to go for the real Opening Day in April. Honestly, that situation really would not be that bad at all in the big scheme of things/

4) The MLB season predictions should start circulating online and in print, and let me go on record right now as saying that the Tigers will not make the playoffs and will not win 90 games. Their offense should be pretty good and maybe great, but forgive me for not buying into their starting pitching which is very iffy after Justin Verlander (look at these stats from last regulars with an ERA under 4.5 and that includes Dontrelle's 5.17 in the NL) and their bullpen is still anchored by Todd "Accident Waiting to Happen" Jones. I guess I'm just not as bullish as everybody else and I will never count on a team prominently featuring Edgar Renteria to win anything of significance. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know he was on the '97 Marlins. Nice .668 OPS he put up for them that year.

5) My boy Rajon Rondo is going to continue to prove why he is absolutely the man. Granted, he really does not need to continue to keep on doing this but if the only benefit the C's get from the addition of Sam Cassell is the pushing of Rajon Rondo to the absolute next level then the deal was well, well worth it.

6) I will revel for a few days in what hopefully is an absolutely awesome last episode of The Wire. If you have never gone for The Wire, do yourself a favor and Netflix it up starting with Season 1. It takes a few episodes to really get into the flow, but once you get there, believe me it is about as rewarding an experience as you can have with a TV show.

7) I will continue to hate myself for shopping regularly at Whole Foods which just so happens to be right across the street from my house. Guess what, I know it's expensive there! Guess what else, I wanted to go to the easiest grocery store possible after getting back from out of town so I went there. Now leave me alone! (Sorry, I just had to vent after riding up in an elevator with a guy who felt the need to look at my Whole Foods bags and say, "those are some expensive groceries you got there". Mind your own business dude. I should have just been a dick and said, "I'm rich, and I don't give a f***. Now excuse me while I go check my fantasy polo team".)

8) OK, not really a prediction but receiving my Rolling Stone with Barack Obama on the cover as the RS endorsed candidate for president is the least surprising thing that I have received in the mail in quite some time. I'm not going to dive into politics here but the more I think about it, the more I am finding myself an Obama guy. Granted there is something about him that I genuinely do not like but I think most of that stems from fawning media attention, Oprah, and him attracting the interest and fandom of the liberal college hippies. I could say more, but I don't want to dive any further into politics in these spaces.

I think that is about it. Now I only have an hour to kill until The Wire. SWEET!

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