Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Are You There Doc? It's Me, Neil...

I am not delusional. I am not a basketball coach. I don't pretend to be a basketball coach and I will not say that I could do any better than any coaches out there.

With that being said...

Doc Rivers, will you please insert Sam Cassell into the starting lineup at the 2 until Ray Allen comes back from his little injury. Seriously. Tony Allen has absolutely no place starting for a team with aspirations - legit ones too - of winning a championship. He just doesn't okay.

Did you see in that game against Chicago a few weeks ago when he committed three turnovers in the span of three possessions over about 35 seconds? Did you see that? That guy shouldn't be starting against teams like San Antonio and Houston on the road, even if it is as an injury replacement right?

Listen, I know Tony Allen has a role on this team. I know he is the token athletic and quick 2/3 type that comes off the bench. I get that okay. While part of me does not understand why his minutes cannot be split amongst Leon Powe/Big Baby/James Posey with some creative lineup mixes, the other part of me understands that you know how to coach an NBA team better than I do. I am sure there is a method to your madness. Still though, I've been trying to figure out the difference between Tony Allen and Kedrick Brown since Tony entered the league and those efforts have been unsuccessful since day one.

Look, I don't want to pile on Tony too much because I have never met him and I am sure he is nice enough guy so I'll ask one more time.

Doc, can you please start Sam Cassell in Ray Allen's place instead of Tony Allen until Ray Allen's return. Pretty please. What, you are afraid that you'd be giving up too much size with that move? No problem. Just put James Posey in there at the 3 and slide Pierce to the 2. That would work right? Sure you might lose some speed with Posey or some size with Cassell, but you have to give some to get some right? Come on Doc, throw us a bone because I really cannot take much more of Tony Allen's errant and mostly pointless dribbling, running, and jumping.


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