Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Some quick hitters for you!

At least "Client 9" had good taste? Go figure that all the info came from MySpace right? Honestly, she looks more to me like one of the trampy girls they'd put on The Real World as opposed to an actual hooker. Is there a really a difference though?

Would steroids have made Mike Greenwell the greatest baseball player ever? I don't know. He kind of thinks so. Seriously though, I really liked his candor on the whole issue. And man has he put on some weight!

It's not the start of a new baseball season unless Rocco Baldelli is kicking off the year on the DL.

Remember yesterday when I said that there would be a stampede in fantasy baseball leagues across the country to grab the names "Client 9" or "Emperors Club"? Well, a guy in my league today announced that he just switched another one of his teams to be called "Emperors Club". I'm telling you, this stuff is just too predictable.

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