Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Past Few Days

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Rootbeer and Bacon and some of the contributors have been slacking myself included. I am not even sure if Nick still writes on the Blog, he seems to think he can't write while he is at work. Let me assure you this is not true, I now work two floor above Nick but there was a time when both Ben and I were on the floor. We some how managed to talk sports, build spaghetti monsters, discuss if zombie attacks are insured against in the basic homeowners policy or do we need a special endorsement, and Ben even found time to torture our senior rep by only telling stories from his real life. Now I managed to somehow get promoted so it makes me wonder if I could do that and still excel why Nick cannot do the same. Enough about Nick though on to some thoughts from the sports world.

- I am going to second Ben's post and say that I am truly proud that the Red Sox decided to stand up for there non player personnel. While I think it is ridiculous that they are paying the players money in addition to their regular salaries to go to Japan, if they are going to do it they needed to do it for everyone going. And while they are at it they need to pay each fan ten dollars cause it is going to suck watching the game at 6am.

- When spring rolls around there are usually two things that I am looking forward to to March Madness and Fantasy Baseball. For some reason I don't find myself nearly as excited, I do have my brackets filled out and my ten dollars lost in a pool, and I do have my fantasy draft coming up for a league I have been in for the past three years but the excitement is just not there.

- This past Sunday I almost watched a Colts game on NFL network that's how much I miss the NFL, they were playing Tennessee and it was kind of nice to see Peyton getting his ass kicked by Haynesworth for a couple of minutes.

- Instead of the Colts game I watched two sports I usually loathe. First was Golf, I seem to only be interested when Tiger is playing and he is dominating. It's one thing to watch the Patriots dismantle teams week after week, but Tiger is playing an individual sport which seems to be based almost entirely on Luck so even I am pretty impressed. I also watched Nascar, the end was kind of exciting but I am not about to drive to Loudon anytime soon.

- The Celtics are on a roll, they looked bad against Utah and I think part of that was them looking ahead to a tough road trip. They dismantled the Rockets on Tuesday and proved that they are tough, they didn't take any of the Rockets crap. Luis Scola is a dirty player if I have ever seen one, when he threw down Tony Allen who up to that point had shut down McGrady for the quarter I thought he should have been booted from the game.

- Glen Ordway is back.

- Finally I will reveal my final four selection. UCLA, UNC, USC, and Texas. The business world will lose 2 billion in production of the next three weeks I look forward to contributing.

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