Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday Night at the Ball Park

So fellow RBB writer Ben and I visited Fenway Park on Friday night to watch the first game in the Red Sox Vs. Yankees series. As it turned out it was the only game that the Sox would lose. It is certainly a different atmosphere at Fenway when the Yankees are in town I wouldn't say it is better. People take these games against the Yankees way to seriously there was a tenseness that I hadn't felt there since I was at a playoff game in 2004. People need to be reminded that it is only April, and we are months away from each game mattering this much. I have some messages for some of the people we ran into on Friday.

- To the four jackass kids behind us, SHUT THE HELL UP. I can deal with hecklers, in fact most of the time I welcome it. Ben can be quite effective at it when he gets a few beers in him, but the 4 nerdy frat boys behind us were drunk and just stupid. When you can't come up with anything other than swears and yelling Joba you should have your baseball fan license taken away from you.

- To the usher who seemed to grow attached to the kids behind us and talked someone from security into not throwing them out in the fifth inning. Thanks allot, we paid over 200 dollars to be there, plus a hundred or more for parking and food, and the last four innings would have been immensely more enjoyable if they had been watching it from the drunk tank.

- To the mother of three who sat in front of us and thought it was her job to talk to us throughout the game. She spent the first two innings insisting that Ben and I have to have a favorite Red Sox player, and that we had to love Varitek even though he hits .250. Vartiek is fine and 20 years from now when he is the guy they bring back for special occasions I will yell the loudest for him, but as long as he in uniform I am not going to blindly like the damn pink hatted woman who sat in front of us. Also as she got drunker how she insisted that Matt could not be friends with Ben and I, as he was much nicer than we were.

- To the drunk 5 foot 2 inch blond Yankees fan the next section over who in the seventh thought it would be a good idea to start taunting the wet and cold Red Sox fan. If you wanna get kicked out of the game when your drunk then go right ahead, but for your own sake leave when security tells you to. This genius got dragged out by the cops and the usher later told us she took swings at them. If you leave willingly its the street, you protest its a night in the drunk tank, you throw a punch at a cop then your going to end up in jail.

- To the woman who saw Ben, Matt, Jeff and I walking towards the parking garage and asked if we were a gang. Your an idiot, I am not sure what part of our appearance other than the fact that we were walking next to each other gave her the impression we were a gang.

So that is about it, work has been out of control so I apologize it took nearly a week to get this posted. I will be back soon with my NBA playoffs preview.

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